Oscar thrives in healthy environments, click below to see how you can help him in his mission to keep our earth clean!

Who We Are

Our Mission

Encourage kids to become citizen scientists and protectors!

Our Osprey Team

Dedicated people not afraid to get dirty!

Our Community

Located all over the world but joined together by one mission.

Our Partners

Working together to keep our rivers and oceans clean of debris.

What is Kid’s Club?


Kids Club is the perfect place to learn about the problems your local rivers and creeks face. This club allows kids to get involved in their community by preventing litter and protecting their environment. Sign up for games, activities, and guides to track your clean-up progress. Start a litter adventure today by participating in community clean-ups, litter rodeos, or just by walking around your local area and picking up any litter you might find. Every little bit helps to decrease our overall litter footprint in our communities.

Passionate kids taking action all over the world!

Total Litter Removed

840 LBS

Kids Club Count

100 and counting!

Upcoming Litter Events


boy climbing on tree stump

Mobile, AL

The Osprey Kids community makes the local news!


40+ LBS

towards 1k Goal

How can you get involved?

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Check out upcoming events where you can get involved in protecting your local watersheds!

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